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In the past few years we have helped dozens of owners of trading businesses get more money for what they’ve built.

This year we are looking to help even more businesses, just like yours.

Do you run a:

  • Trading Software/Indicator Business
  • Trading Education Business
  • Live Trading Room Business
  • Financial Media/News/Blog
  • Investing Subscription Newsletter
  • Or other financial publishing, trading or service business

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Pinnacle Publishing, your go-to partner to further develop your trading business

Pinnacle is backed by experienced traders, marketers, and financial business owners who built, partnered with and grown over $225M worth of trading and investing businesses.

We pride in establishing strategic partnerships with brands in our industry, and value the hard work that goes into building a sustainable profitable business.

We are looking to make cash investments into your business either by acquisition or high level partnership.

Discover the opportunities that lie ahead in partnering with us, by elevating your brand value and taking your business to the next level.

Showcase Partnership

In the past few years Pinnacle Publishing has helped dozens of owners of trading businesses get more money for what they’ve built.


Helped over 50,000 traders prosper faster on the NinjaTrader® platform. Developing over 450 innovative indicators and nearly 100 unique strategies.

Wealth Mintr Logo Wealth Mintr Logo

Learn how to become
a profitable trader
in just 7 days with
stock and option alerts.


Helps Futures Day Traders to Command Their Own Army of Elite S&P 500 Futures Day Trading Robots On NinjaTrader® & Tradestation®.


A boutique indicator and add-on developer for NinjaTrader® platform that breaks down complex analytics into simple to use indicators and tools.

Rocket Tickers Logo Rocket Tickers Logo

Detect Clinical Trial alerts, seconds after they become public and ride the price action for steady profits.


Teaches Futures, Forex and Stock Traders the art of trading without any technical indicators but based on the markets Price Action.


Fully Automated Trading. Day Trading Robots and Algorithms for NinjaTrader® and TradeStation®.


Weekly and monthly newsletter with trading ideas, tips, tricks and highlights on what is working today in the Futures, Forex, Stock and Options Markets.


Automated Trading Robots and Backtesters in a Live Trading Room environment. Combines the best of automated and discretionary trading.


Since 1994 Trading Concepts delivers profitable trading strategies and systems with market EDGE. Helping you succeed is what makes Trading Concepts different from others.

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Pinnacle Publishing is looking to make cash investments into your business either by acquisition or high level partnership.

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